PCR Sample Submission Instructions

Sample Submission for Real-Time PCR Testing

Initial Consultation:

Bionique requires an initial consult prior to sample submission to ensure a clear understanding of sample requirements for PCR testing at our facility. To arrange a consultation, please contact us by email at PCR@bionique.com and provide your contact information, sample type and number of samples to be submitted.

Sample Submission:

Please include a completed copy of our REAL-TIME PCR MYCOPLASMA TESTING SERVICES – SAMPLE SUBMISSION FORM with your submission.

A minimum volume of 1.2mL is required for each test. If your sample requires a qualification assay (see Cat. No. M-1500Q for details), be sure to submit enough volume for two tests. Ensure all samples are shipped in dry ice and are clearly labeled. The preferred submission vessel is a 50mL conical tube but other formats are acceptable as necessary.

Availability: PCR tests are set up on Tuesday and Friday.

Note: Bionique Testing Laboratories is a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL 2) facility and does not accept test materials that exceed BSL 2 handling and requirements. We do not accept materials containing replication competent retroviruses including Human and Simian Immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV), herpesviruses, in addition to BSL 3 or BSL 4 agents, and reserve the right to determine the acceptance of certain test materials. Please contact our PCR Department to verify acceptance of your sample prior to shipping any sample containing human or animal viruses, potential pathogens or other biohazardous materials.

For more information on recommended biosafety levels for infectious agents, please refer to the CDC website: http://www.cdc.gov/biosafety/publications/bmbl5/BMBL.pdf

Shipping Instructions:

Ship sample(s) next day courier service for receipt at Bionique, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm Standard Eastern Time. Holiday closings are listed on our Shipping Calendar.

Note: Refer to specific courier service guides to determine which guaranteed delivery services are provided to this location.

Shipping Address:

ATTN: PCR Testing Department
Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc.
156 Fay Brook Drive
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone: (518) 891-2356

Notification of Sample Submission

We request that you contact us via phone, fax or email at least 2 business days in advance prior to shipping your samples to facilitate timely testing.

Ph: (518) 891-2356 | Fax: (518) 891-5753 | Email: PCR@bionique.com

Bionique Testing Laboratories offers mycoplasma testing services for quality control and research purposes only. These services are not to be used for clinical diagnosis.

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