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For over 20 years, Bionique® Testing Laboratories, Inc. has been a global leader in providing mycoplasma testing services, testing kits and consultation to biopharmaceutical companies, research institutions and media/sera manufacturers. Through a unique combination of experience, expertise and focus, we are able to provide unparalleled mycoplasma testing services.

Our core services include direct culture methods, indicator cell lines, DNA-fluorochrome assays, mycoplasmastasis studies, antibiotic sensitivity profiles, validation studies, mycoplasma elimination and custom R&D projects. Products include our exclusive CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit and Mycoplasma Control Slides. We have the proven capabilities to provide timely and reliable results at an affordable price.

M-100 CELLshipper®


CELLshipper® kit is a direct DNA fluorochrome staining assay specifically developed by Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc. for the screening of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

Mycoplasma Detection Kit M-100
Typical Mycoplasma colonies with the classic 'fried egg' morphology
Typical Mycoplasma colonies with the
classic "fried egg" morphology
Typical Mycoplasma colonies with the classic 'fried egg' morphology
DNA fluorochrome staining
of Vero cells infected with Mycoplasma
hyorhinis (mag. 600x)

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Mycoplasma Detection Kit M-100