Safe Cells®

Safe Cells

Bionique Testing Laboratory's Safe Cells® Program
Currently, cell culture is one of the most important tools used for cell culture research, production of biopharmaceuticals, and cell-based therapies. Critical to the success and safety of these valuable applications is the quality of the cultures used with them. To help you meet these needs, we at Bionique® have developed a Safe Cells® program to provide you with technical mycoplasma information along with our globally recognized mycoplasma testing products and services to help you keep your cells safe.

Why use Safe Cells®?

  • Generate quality research and protect the reputation of researchers and companies using them.
  • Produce cell-based products and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Essential for cell-based therapies and protecting the health of patients receiving them
  • Safe Cells are imperative for cell-based assays to achieve reliable results in drug discovery and testing

What are Safe Cells®?

  • Free of all microbial and other culture contaminants that destroy cultures or give erroneous experimental results.
  • Have high quality, properly cryopreserved replacement cultures available in secure storage facilities.
  • Managed to prevent mutations and evolutionary changes from altering their important properties and adversely affecting results.

How can Bionique® Testing Laboratories help you?

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Bionique has optimized the MycoSEQ Real-Time PCR Detection Assay for mycoplasma testing.

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