Sample Submission

**PLEASE NOTE:  These instructions refer to our traditional testing services.  For PCR Testing services, please refer to PCR Sample Submission Instructions.

The following section will outline the 4 crucial steps involved in submitting a quality sample for mycoplasma testing:

  1. Completion of the online sample submission form
  2. Labeling of the sample
  3. Proper sample preparation
  4. Storage/transportation of sample

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the online sample submission process.

Sample Submission Form

In order to facilitate timely testing of your samples, please complete the online Sample Submission Form at least two (2) business days prior to shipping samples.  Enclose a printed copy of the sample submission form with your sample shipment.

Sample Labeling

Accurate identification of samples to be tested is extremely important. Clearly label each sample vessel.  List your sample ID number and/or lot number on the sample submission form the way you want it listed on your final report.  This designation must match the ID found on the physical sample(s). 

Note: Bionique® Testing Laboratories is a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL 2) facility and does not accept test materials that exceed BSL 2 handling and requirements. We do not accept test materials containing replication competent retroviruses including Human and Simian Immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV), herpesviruses, in addition to BSL 3 or BSL 4 agents, and reserve the right to determine the acceptance of certain test materials. Please contact Technical Services to verify acceptance of your sample prior to shipping any sample containing human or animal viruses, potential pathogens or other biohazardous materials.

For more information on recommended biosafety levels for infectious agents, please refer to the CDC website:

Sample Preparation

Bionique® Testing Laboratories recommends freezing samples without cryopreservatives and storing samples at ≤ - 60°C. In addition, cell culture samples should be cultured in antibiotic-free media for at least three passages prior to submission. Samples should be shipped overnight with sufficient dry ice to maintain sample integrity for optimal detection of mycoplasma. Cell culture samples may be submitted under ambient conditions for the M-150, M-175, M-250, M-300 and M-350 assays. However, shipping under ambient conditions may lead to sample compromise due to leakage, cell overgrowth, cell death and exposure to cyclic extremes in temperature.

Note: Not applicable to M-100 and M-175 CELLshipper® tests.

Refer to procedural summaries of each mycoplasma testing service (by catalog number) for complete instructions on sample preparation, minimum test volumes and shipping instructions related to the individual assays.

  • Prepare your samples per specific test instructions found in the procedural summary. Remember the analytical accuracy of the test depends on the quality of your sample.
  • Send sufficient volume of sample in an appropriately sized container for the test requested. Remember that the volume of aqueous solutions (e.g. media, cell cultures, sera, etc.) changes in relation to temperature and air pressure.
  • Package your sample to maintain stable conditions and prevent breakage.
  • Ambient shipments should be packaged to protect samples from leakage, freezing and/or overheating, crushing and/or impact. Samples must be received intact without evidence of leakage or other sample compromise in order to be accepted for testing.
  • Frozen shipments should be packaged with sufficient dry ice to keep the enclosed samples frozen for a minimum period of two days. Samples shipped frozen must be received with sufficient amount of dry ice remaining to be accepted for testing.

Shipping Instructions

Ship sample(s) next day courier service for receipt at Bionique® Testing laboratories, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Standard Eastern Time. Holiday closings are listed on our Shipping Calendar.

Note: Refer to specific courier service guides to determine which guaranteed delivery services are provided to this location.

Shipping Address:

ATTN: Technical Services
Bionique® Testing Laboratories, Inc.
156 Fay Brook Drive
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
(518) 891-2356

If you have any questions about sample preparation and/or shipping, please contact Technical Services at (518) 891-2356.

Bionique® Testing Laboratories offers mycoplasma testing services for quality control and research purposes only. These services are not to be used for clinical diagnostic purposes.