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M-100 CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Our exclusive CELLshipper® DNA fluorochrome staining kit is a timely and convenient qualitative assay for detecting mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. Purchase the slides and store in your lab for use at your convenience. Simply add your cell culture sample, fix and dry. Return the (hazard-free) slides to our laboratory for diagnosis...

  • Total Testing Time: Results within 48 hours of receipt.

M-500 Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

The aim of this test is to determine the susceptibility of a Mycoplasma isolate to a range of antibiotics. Resistance to antibiotics whether inherent or acquired is a well known characteristic of mycoplasmas. The antibiotic sensitivity profile developed in this assay provides information regarding potential therapeutic agents targeted for an individual...

  • Sample Requirements: Test sample must currently be on test by a direct culture method at Bionique
  • Contact Technical Services for details.

M-600 Mycoplasma Control Slides

Five (5) Control Slides are provided with each order for in-house DNA fluorochrome staining. Each slide contains two negative and two positive mycoplasma controls, fixed and ready for staining. These Mycoplasma Quality Control slides are designed to verify the quality of reagents and staining method used in the technique of DNA fluorochrome staining...

M-1000 Mycoplasmastasis Validation Study

Bionique® offers Mycoplasmastasis studies to validate our M-700 or M-800 Assay for an individual test article. The qualification study is designed to determine the presence or absence of product-specific inhibition of mycoplasma growth within our assays. This test is recommended only once for any given final product unless changes within...

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Real-Time PCR Testing

Bionique has optimized the MycoSEQ Real-Time PCR Detection Assay for mycoplasma testing.

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