Mycoplasma Control Slides

M-600 Data Sheet

Five (5) Control Slides are provided with each order for in-house DNA fluorochrome staining. Each slide contains two negative and two positive mycoplasma controls, fixed and ready for staining. These Mycoplasma Quality Control slides are designed to verify the quality of reagents and staining method used in the technique of DNA fluorochrome staining for the detection of mycoplasma contamination.

Intended Use:

For quality control use in the qualitative detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures by DNA fluorochrome staining. 

Each individual control slide allows side by side comparison of 2 positive zones and 2 negative zones.  Each negative zone contains unstained, fixed mycoplasma-free cells. Each positive zone contains fixed, unstained mycoplasma infected cells.  Mycoplasma hyorhinis and Acholeplasma laidlawii, two common mycoplasmal contaminants of cell culture systems, serve as positive controls.

Zone 1 contains mycoplasma-free Vero cells (negative control); Zone 2 contains Vero cells infected with M. hyorhinis (positive control); Zone 3 contains mycoplasma-free mouse/mouse hybridoma cells (negative control); Zone 4 contains mouse/mouse hybridoma cells infected with A. laidlawii (positive control).

A control slide should be processed along with each cell culture sample batch to ensure the quality of reagents and staining technique.  The use of Bionique's  M-600 control slides provides convenience and eliminates the biohazard risk of maintaining viable mycoplasma stock in house for use as quality controls.


Store at room temperature. 


5 slides/unit sold.

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic purposes.

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Bionique has optimized the MycoSEQ Real-Time PCR Detection Assay for mycoplasma testing.

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