CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit (In-house sample preparation and slide fixation)

M-175 Procedural Summary

This test includes the use of our exclusive CELLshipper® DNA fluorochrome staining kit. However, all the steps including the preliminary sample collection, slide preparation and fixation are performed by our expert Technical Staff. This test is designed to screen for Mycoplasma contamination in a variety of cell culture samples, i.e./ adherent and non-adherent cell lines. View M-100 CELLshipper® Product Data Sheet for more information.

Procedural Summary:

Refer to Instructions for CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Client Sample Preparation:


Grow cell culture in a T-25 culture flask in antibiotic-free media for at least 3 passages prior to submission. When culture is nearly confluent, add fresh antibiotic-free media to the flask. Do not overfill the flask.  Leave sufficient room in the neck of the flask to allow for expansion and to prevent leakage.

Shipping Instructions:

Sample should be shipped at ambient temperature. DO NOT FREEZE.  Place the T-25 flask inside a plastic bag with crush proof packaging and ship overnight.

Please view our general sample submission instructions page for details on how to submit your sample(s) online.

Download Sample Submission Forms
Total Testing Time: 1-2 days
Sample Requirements: Minimum Test Volume = 2 mL

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Real-Time PCR Testing

Bionique has optimized the MycoSEQ Real-Time PCR Detection Assay for mycoplasma testing.

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