CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit

M-100 Data Sheet

Our exclusive CELLshipper® DNA fluorochrome staining kit is a timely and convenient qualitative assay for detecting mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

  • Purchase the slides and store in your lab for use at your convenience.
  • Simply add your cell culture sample, fix and dry.
  • Return the (hazard-free) slides to our laboratory for diagnosis.

Intended Use:

Our CELLshipper® kit is a direct DNA fluorochrome staining kit specifically developed by Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc. for the detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.


This test kit offers a convenient and efficient method for screening a variety of cell culture samples (adherent and non-adherent cultures).  Purchase the slides and store them in your lab for use at your convenience. You simply add your cell culture sample, incubate and fix the slide within the fixation/staining chamber following the instructions provided. Following fixation, the slide is returned to our laboratory for final processing and diagnostic evaluation. Positive and negative quality controls are processed and analyzed with each sample batch.

 Bionique Testing Laboratories will provide results within 48 hour of receipt of your CELLshipper® slide.

Kit Components:

  • Four (4) CELLshipper® slides specially treated to enhance cell attachment
  • Four (4) fixation and staining slide chambers
  • Four (4) pre-addressed padded mailers
  • Protocol


Refer to CELLshipper® Instructions or Product Insert for directions.


Store at room temperature.


Each order contains four (4) individual test kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic purposes.

CELLshipper® Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Cat. # M-100: 4 individual test kits/Pkg. or 40 individual test kits/Case
For additional product support or information contact us at (518) 891-2356.


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Shipping Instructions:

Return slides by First Class U.S. Mail. For faster service use overnight courier.

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Total Testing Time: Results within 48 hours of receipt.

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Bionique has optimized the MycoSEQ Real-Time PCR Detection Assay for mycoplasma testing.

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